Are you letting life pass you by? Here’s how to thrive, rather than just survive…

Get top tips from world leading Wellness experts on how to start living a more fulfilled life


Are you letting life pass you by? Here's how to thrive, rather than just survive...

It’s easy to slip into the same routine and so many of us run on autopilot. But does this mean we aren’t living life to its fullest potential? Ahead of the Ignite Your Life event, we speak to four of the wellness experts who will be speaking. Here they share just a few top tips on how to thrive in life, rather than just simply live. 

Reinvent your morning

‘Do you battle with a shrill alarm clock before you even get out of bed? That’s no way to begin your day,’ says author and blogger Gala Darling. ‘Leave your curtains open a little bit and start waking up with the sunrise, or set your favourite song as your wake-up call. Get up 15 minutes earlier and meditate while the house is quiet, devote yourself to a few minutes of writing down the dreams you just had, or even list out your hopes for the day.’


‘When you use affirmations regularly, you are essentially re-programming your brain to strive for the things that you want,’ says yoga and nutrition teacher Julie Montagu. ‘It brings your goals and desires to the forefront of your mind and you will start to pay much more attention to these things in your day to day. If you use an affirmation that promotes self-worth and self-love, then you are going to notice positive things about yourself that you might usually overlook.’

Listen to your intuition

Thriving doesn’t mean saying ‘yes’ to everything, as author Kris Carr explains: ‘When someone suggests doing something new or an opportunity comes your way, take time out to ask yourself: ‘how does this make me feel?’ Even if it sounds amazing, if the thought of it honestly makes you feel tired, say no. And if you feel inspired, even though it might not look like an obvious thing to do, of course you have to!’

Photograph: Corbis