Are you a bossy boots?

Here's how to tame your bossiness


Are you a bossy boots?

1. Reflect on why you're bossy and what drives your behaviour. Does it hide anxiety about failure, or insecurity? Challenge your beliefs. Whatever the underlying cause, behaviour can only be changed once you understand the real reason at the core of it.

2. De-catastrophise the consequences. Ask yourself what's the worst that will happen if you don't get your own way: is it really the end of the world? Probably not. If things are not done your way, does that really mean they are completely rubbish? Unlikely…

3. Think about others. If you are insistent on getting your way, other people are not getting their way. Consider the fact that by being bossy and domineering, you may be having a negative impact on someone else's sefl-esteem by giving them the message that their wishes or opinions are not valid or important.

4. Build leadership skills. If you are inclined to be a bossy manager, remember that good leadership is about being sensitive to others, and not about dominance and control. The best bosses let employees make decisions and know that a nurturing approach is most effective.