A little something from me… to me, with love from Etsy

We love that Christmas is a time for giving, but we sometimes forget to take a moment to nurture our own wellbeing and value life’s small joys. With a bit of help from Etsy, we select a few simple seasonal surprises just for you, to keep you jingling all the way into the new year


A little something from me... to me, with love from Etsy

Getting caught up in the flurry of festive activity at this time of year is very easy. There’s often so much to do, a house to prepare, decorations to put up, gifts to buy and meals to cook. Our focus is admirably so much on others – those less fortunate as well as our loved ones – that we promptly forget to look after ourselves.

When you’re busy, it’s especially important to find time in the day to breathe, relax and pay attention to your own wellbeing. Top up the well and you can keep giving in that wonderful Christmas atmosphere of goodwill. It needn’t be a luxury, in fact it should be part of your daily routine.

You might like to light your favourite candle, and sit and enjoy the warm scent. Or soak in a deep bath and use a special natural scrub. Even if it feels indulgent to book in time with yourself, allow space for it and you’ll quickly feel the benefits on your mood and your reactions to everyday things. You will find yourself gently thanking the universe for the spectacular coating of frost in the morning or the delicate flavours in your coffee. These are the moments to meditate on.

Remember to focus on your senses. Even when it comes to material things, imagine where the carefully selected items around you have come from, and the hands that have crafted them.

Take these precious times for yourself, then re-emerge from your solitude to the frivolity of friends and family with a grateful heart and a renewed sense of peace.

Try these, from Etsy:

“My stars and constellations diary is great at helping me plan and get excited for the year ahead. I still love noting all my appointments, meetings and events in a lovely paper-bound diary, as the process of writing them in helps me to remember exactly what I’m up to. It also acts as a nice reflection and memory journal that I enjoy flicking through years later.”

Nikki at nikkistrange.etsy.com.

“Jamie and I love making these; each one is folded by hand into a star. From our feedback, people love receiving a little jar full of them. Every wishing star opens to reveal a tiny wish of good fortune or things to make you happy. The wishes have been given a Bread & Jam twist of humour, and can be used when you need a little pick-me-up.”

Catherine at wearebreadandjam.etsy.com.

“Our gorgeous bath salts make me feel great. Their petals float to the top of the bath water, so it feels like you’re having a luxury spa treat, and they also contain muscle-relaxing Epsom salts. They’re 100 per cent natural, vegan and cruelty-free – so you can feel guilt-free about using them, too!”

Sophie at hopscotchlondon.etsy.com.

“I adore the yoga eye pillow, because all of the ingredients are natural. It’s great to use after a stressful day. I like to lie down in a quiet room and pop it over my eyes. It’s important to give yourself that wind-down time after a hard day, as both work and home life can be so demanding.”

Sarah at marleyandbear.etsy.com.

“When I need a wonderful self-pamper session, I like to use our luxurious and award-winning ‘The Meadow’ 3-in-1 exfoliating, cleansing and moisturising sugar scrub – the all-natural exfoliants banish dry skin while the pure lavender, rose geranium and camomile essential oils put me into a blissful state of relaxation.”

Preyanka at bloomtownuk.etsy.com.

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