7 steps to embracing positivity

How to stop believing in an unfriendly universe


7 steps to embracing positivity

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Life transformation coach Corinne Worsley shares her tips for turning your back on Murphy’s Law and embracing positivity…

1. Notice the people you spend most time with

Are they hopeful? If so, why not try mirroring their way of being, just for a while, and see what happens? If they’re not, try not to get sucked into their way of thinking. Negativity can be contagious.

2. Start to cultivate hope in small ways

Maybe it’s simply smiling at people when you’re out and seeing them smile back, or maybe it’s setting yourself an achievable goal to prove to yourself that there is hope.

3. Be curious

Try thinking, ‘I wonder what might happen…’ rather than saying, ‘Well, I know how this is going to turn out.’

4. Think back to a time when you achieved something, and what you did

See how you might employ the same approach to creating something new in your life now.

5. Start an evidence journal with proof that life is working out for you

Document ways that life loves you, rather than doesn’t.

6. Think of someone whose life seems to go well

What are they doing that you could emulate? Rather than envying them, use them as inspiration.

7. Be careful what you affirm

If you spend your life repeating mantras such as, ‘Nothing’s ever simple’, then be prepared for life to prove just how complicated it is!

Read the full article in the November issue of Psychologies magazine, on sale now. 


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