6 tips to overcome your fears

Counsellor, coach and author, Cat Williams, shares tips on how to face your fears and get past them


6 tips to overcome your fears

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1. Tell yourself fear equals False Evidence Appearing Real

Is this ‘fear’ actually something from your past that you don’t need to be afraid of any more? Your brain’s flight or fight instinct will continually look for ‘threats’, even if they aren’t there.

2. Ask: ‘Who do I want to be?’

Each of us makes our decisions based on what we love, or what we fear. Do you want to pursue who you really are, or do you want to live your life defined by what you are afraid to do?

3. Your ‘fear’ is someone else’s ‘dream come true’ 

The activity itself is neutral – only you get to decide how you feel about it.

4. Use your imagination

How would a person who wasn’t afraid of the particular activity think and behave? Act the same as they would and you will feel completely differently about it. Try it – it works!

5. Speak to yourself in a positive way

Would you say to a good friend, ‘There’s no way you’ll be able to do that. Everyone else is better than you, so there’s no point in trying.’ No? Then don’t speak to yourself that way.

6. Celebrate your achievements

Decide how you are going to mark your accomplishment of something new. Involve another person who will remind you of how proud you should feel of your success.

Cat Williams is a counsellor, coach and author of ‘Stay Calm And Content: No Matter What Life Throws At You’ (AuthorHouse, £2.99)

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