5 ways to know it’s time to change your life

Suzy Walker, Editor-in-Chief of Psychologies on how you know it’s time to make a life leap


5 ways to know it’s time to change your life

It was New Year’s Eve when I woke up. Not just metaphorically. I woke up 30 miles from home at the end of a train line having slept through my stop and thought ‘I just can’t do this anymore.’ I was working 16-hour days, commuting, working six days a week and I was tired all the time.


So I decided to hire a life coach. In my first session, she asked me what I wanted.  ‘I want a life that I adore,’ I said. ‘A life with plenty of time, space, friends with enough money to stop worrying. I want to bubble over again, I want to sing in the shower, I want my bounce back. I didn’t want to feel tired all the time, fed up as if I was dragging myself around life. I want to feel content, peaceful and to feel that I was ‘in’ my life rather on the outside desperately looking through a window begging to be let in.

Then she asked me the question that changed my life…

What would you have to believe about yourself to create a life you love?

I blustered, I sneered, but in the end I wept. I realised for me to get a life I adored, the ‘thing’ that was really going to have to change was me. I didn’t believe in me. I didn’t believe I was good enough, clever enough, anything enough to manifest even a tiny piece of my dream life.

That question was my gateway into this other life where I got my bounce back.

It made me realise that if I wanted to transform my external world, I’d have to change my internal one.

Through my own journey, and now from coaching hundreds of my own clients (I’m a coach as well as ed of Psychologies), I have discovered that if you don’t believe you’re good enough and if you listen to the voice of fear which beats you up regularly, what happens is that you can’t say no, you put up with stuff you don’t want to put up with and you work all day and night to prove that you are worthy of a place in the world.

After working with my coach, I went on to completely transform my life, I went on to train as a coach, set up my own coaching company and then went on to become Editor in Chief of Psychologies, the brilliant best-selling magazine.

And I’m passionate about creating a platform that can help and support you find a way to live that inspires, fulfils and delights you.

5 ways to know it’s time to make a change:

1.   You sleep and watch television – a lot.

2.   Motivated friends who are making positive changes in their lives irritate you.

3.   You press the snooze button five times every morning.

4.   You feel miserable but blame other people for your problems.

5.   You hang out with other people who like to moan.

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