4 ways to manage stress (that aren’t meditation)

Stress is common in modern society. Some people manage stress by taking medication, or by practising meditation. Whilst these are both valid, a few lifestyle changes could help you rest easier and work more effectively


4 ways to manage stress (that aren’t meditation)

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Below we have outlined some of the best ways to de-stress and get on with your day:

1.   Get organised

Having an organised life is key to having an organised mind. Decluttering your home and work space is a great way of freeing up your mind to spend time on important things. Organising your schedule is another fantastic way of destressing.

2.   Downtime is special, and sleep is sacred

It is important to relax. Your body can only take so much stress before it begins to function improperly. Downtime is important. Downtime can have meditative qualities that will enrich your life. Additionally, you should ensure that you are getting a good amount of regular, uninterrupted sleep.

3.   Exercise

Regular exercise is a fantastic way to get rid of stress. Exercise can take many forms.

Sweating and getting your heart pumping is a great way of forgetting about your problems. Exercising is also an important way of preventing unnecessary stress that can arise from being unhealthy and unfit.

4.   Get your B vitamins

It is important to have a diet rich in B vitamins. Some people have vitamin deficiencies because of their age, circumstances or medical condition.

If you are not eating a diet rich in B vitamins, you can supplement your vitamins levels with products like Cleanmarine. There are supplements suited specifically for women, designed to ensure you are getting the right number of vitamins.

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