3 tips on letting go of old goals

Coach Eve Menezes Cunningham says our ambitions are constantly evolving and that’s a positive thing. ‘Recognising that something you once wanted no longer appeals means you’re able to explore new goals, if you want,’ she says


3 tips on letting go of old goals

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These are her tips on how to strike the balance between coasting aimlessly and planning yourself into oblivion:

Goal-driven? How do your ambitions make you feel?

  • When you think about your goals, what emotions come up? Are you excited and energised, or overwhelmed?
  • How does it feel to look at your list of goals or vision board? Connect with your body – how do you feel as you consider each element?
  • We have so much wisdom available to us if we pay attention to our bodies. If something you were striving for feels heavy, maybe it’s time to move on.

Are you floating aimlessly?

  • Maybe you have not connected with any goals for a while. Would you like to move towards something or are you happy as you are? Do you have a goal? (It does not have to be a lofty one!)
  • How does it feel to imagine yourself with your goal realised more easily and enjoyably than you thought possible?
  • What are you aware of as you connect with your senses and imagine a new reality? What do you see, hear, say to yourself and feel? What are your strongest emotions and sensations?

Get the balance right

We need to do more than dream to make our goals real but cutting ourselves some slack is important too. If striving is your default, how might you let things gently unfold? If you feel adrift, how might you identify your goals and take action? Experimenting with both styles will give you flexibility in the future.

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