3 steps to finding balance in your life

Coach Clare Russell’s trio of essentials for a better aligned yin and yang


3 steps to finding balance in your life

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Morning practice: Throughout our day, we have our own cycle of yin and yang. When you come out of dream time in the morning, there is a wonderful space to slowly and beautifully transition into yang. Most of us do it too abruptly. Don’t check your emails or chase an instant goal of information. Instead, aim to be in your body, have a cup of tea and perhaps do some reflective journalling.

Evening practice: At the end of the day, you need to transition out of the yang of the workplace into yin, so you can relate to your family, friends, loved ones and yourself. Switch channels. Slow down. Get off the train a stop early and walk home.

Release the foe, perfectionism: This is the mantra I use: ‘Tend and befriend’. Rather than being in the mind mode of ‘if I do X, then I will achieve Y’, decide to be present. Recite the mantra. Feel your feet connect to the earth. Remind yourself that you can trust yourself. There is no need to rush ahead of yourself or to prove anything.

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